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What is MachineID, and where can I find it?

MachineID is a serial number for NinjaTrader. You can found it at the Help/About window of NinjaTrader.

I sent a trial request, why didn't I received anything?

Please check you spam folder. If you did not received any response after a day, please write directly to the contact email.

How can I buy and pay for the products?

You can buy the products from the testdrive page. The available payment methods are credit cards and paypal.

I bought the NT7 version of the product, how can I get the NT8 version?

Please send a message, including your machine id. You will receive a discount code that you can use at the checkout.

Who is the seller of the products?

The official reseller of the listed products on this site is Market Ltd, United Kingdom.

How does NinjaTools and Ninjatrader relate?

NinjaTools is an independent 3rd party provider, and not affiliated with Ninjatrader.

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