Binance NinjaTools Addon for Binance Spot Exchange
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Download and install steps for Binance NinjaTools Addon Demo updated on 2/20/2024

Please notice: This addon is for Binance Spot market. If you are interested in the futures market check out the futures addon at

1. Download and import
into Ninjatrader using the Control Center/Tools/Import/Ninjascript menu.

2. Restart NinjaTrader

3. (Optional) If you do not have an account with Binance, you can register a new one at, if you have a account you should use a different addon, go to and follow the instructions there.

4. (Optional) Create a new api key at with the following permissions:
 Read Info - Checked,
 Enable Trading - Checked,

5. After the restart setup your account in the new Binance menu. (click on the binance settings at the bottom of Binance menu).

6. Connect to the feed from the Binance menu. Make sure to connect before any other connection.

7. Choose a binance instrument from the instruments dropdown - Binance list.
 or search and select instrument from the Instruments window.

  Limitations of the demo
- 14 days of historical data

- Expire after 7 days

Information on Instruments

All exchange listed instrument are available from the instruments window.
The instruments window can be opened by clicking on the search icon next to the instrument selector.

Troubleshoot problems with the addon

In case you experience problem with the addon first check the Control Center - Log tab
for a notification or error message which can describe what the problem is.

If the addon disconnect shortly after you connect, the first thing to check is if your api and secret keys are
typed correctly, for example an extra space at the end of the keys will create problem.
Another usual problem can be if your PC clock is faster than the precise time.
You can use for an easy comparison to see if your PC clock is correct.

If you experience unknown instrument error message, or the chart is not loading,
check if you connect with the addon before any other connection.

If there is no error message or the error message does not help to solve the problem
save an image from the issue and send it to ,
including the log file located at \Documents\NinjaTrader 8\bin\Custom\Binance\Binance.1.log

*Product Compatibility: NT8 - NT8

If you have questions regarding the product please write to

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