Poloniex Product Demo
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Download and install steps for Poloniex NinjaTools Feed Demo updated on 1/9/2023

1. Download and import
into Ninjatrader using the Control Center/Tools/Import/Ninjascript menu.

2. Restart NinjaTrader

3. After the restart setup your account in the new Poloniex menu. (click on the poloniex settings at the bottom of Poloniex menu).

4. Connect to the feed from the Poloniex menu. Make sure to connect before any other connection.

5. Choose a poloniex instrument from the instruments dropdown - Poloniex list.

  Limitations of the demo
- 30 days of historical data

- Expire after 7 days

*Product Compatibility: NT8 - NT8

If you have questions regarding the product please write to

You can purchase the product below.

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*Price include VAT
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