Frequently Asked Questions

What is MachineID, and where can I find it?

MachineID is a serial number for NinjaTrader. You can found it at the Help/About window of NinjaTrader.

I sent a trial request, why didn't I received anything?

Please check you spam folder. If you did not received any response after a day, please write directly to the contact email. Make sure you do not use disposable email which are automatically filtered out as spam.

How can I buy and pay for the products?

You can buy the products from the demo page. The available payment methods are credit cards and paypal.

I bought the NT7 version of the product, how can I get the NT8 version?

Please send a message, including your machine id. You will receive a discount code that you can use at the checkout.

Who is the seller of the products?

Your dealing partner is Market Ltd, United Kingdom.

Where do I receive support for the product?

The product support is provided by NinjaTools, if you have questions or problems, please write to

Are there any additional fees, does the product price is one time fee?

No additional fees apply, all prices are one time fee, except where the price marked as monthly.

I downloaded and imported the demo, but nothing happens?

Please make sure your demo is up to date, your downloaded product is automatically expire after 7 days and won't work. Additionaly make sure your Antivirus program does not block NinjaTrader.

On how many computer can I install the product?

One purchase allows you to install and run the product on 2 PC's.

Is there an NT7 version available?

Every listed product is for Ninjatrader 8 only.

After I updated Ninjatrader the addon does not work anymore, what should I do?

Please check if there is a new version available from the addon, if updating to the latest version does not help, please report the problem to the NinjaTools support at

After I updated my PC, the addon does not work anymore, what should I do?

Please send your MachineID to the NinjaTools support.

How can I remove the product?

The product can be removed using the Control Center/Tools/Remove Ninjascript assembly menu.

Can I use the Binance, BinancePlus addon from USA?

No, you should not use banned countries like USA under any circumstances.

How can I use my coupon code?

During the checkout your coupon code can be applied on the payment selection page with the 'Add Discount' button.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription from the subscription page, the link to your subscription page will be sent to you after the purchase.

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